Inheritance Maker

The Middle Class Real Estate Investing Loophole

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Discover the Little-Known Real Estate Loophole that allows you to grown your wealth and secure your retirement without a big down-payment

- How I turned $5,880 into $25,000 a year

- How to live rent free and mortgage-free thanks to your real estate investments

- How to get started without a big down-payment

Lessons in Inheritance Maker:

  1. 1 Matthew's Vision for the Mission - Why The Middle Class Thinks They Can't Invest in Real Estate, but actually can invest in Real Estate

    Objective: I will help you draw out your vision

  2. 2 Wrong Way for the Middle Class to Grow Their Income and Wealth

  3. 3 Course Overview - Why You Need The Three - Inheritance Elements Three Elements

    Objective: What is FHA Hopscotch

  4. 4 The Servant - Why You Are Needed

  5. 5 The Leader - Building the Right Real Estate Team

    Objective: How to hire the right people that will streamline your real estate business processes. So you can focus on value add tasks.

  6. 6 The Servant Leader

  7. 7 Leading Your Real Estate Agent

  8. 8 Leading Your Insurance Agent

  9. 9 Tenant Screening - Setup for Success

  10. 10 Recessions & Things to think about

  11. 11 Financial Tactician Investing Made Simple

    Objective: What does it actually mean to invest? The goal is for you to have a better understanding one what it actually means to make your money work for you. You won't be disappointed.

  12. 12 The Investor Dictionary - Talk the Talk

    Objective: Module One Overview

  13. 13 How to Buy Real Estate

  14. 14 Real Estate Leveraged against the World

  15. 15 The Monthly Expenses

  16. 16 Find the value in any rental property

  17. 17 Running Numbers in Tucson, Arizona

  18. 18 Running Numbers in Tucson, Arizona

  19. 19 Running Numbers in Tucson, Arizona

  20. 20 Running Numbers in Phoenix, Arizona

  21. 21 Running Numbers in Norman, Oklahoma

  22. 22 The Renovator

  23. 23 End Slumlord Culture

  24. 24 Utilities & Necessities

  25. 25 Building the Right Construction Crew

  26. 26 Renovation vs Updating

  27. 27 Updating Plan

  28. 28 Renovation Plan

  29. 29 FHA Hopscotch - Overview

  30. 30 Get Your Financial House In Order

  31. 31 Whose Who - The People You Are Destined to Meet

  32. 32 Find A Real Estate Agent

  33. 33 Contracts To Setup Your Agent

  34. 34 How to Setup Your Agent

  35. 35 Find A Lender

  36. 36 Find an Insurance Agent

  37. 37 Find an Inspector

  38. 38 Find The Gem

  39. 39 Place an Offer - Let's Go Get It

  40. 40 Deposit Earnest Money & Order Inspection

  41. 41 Review Inspection Report & Walk the lot

  42. 42 Submit, Negotiate & Finalize BINSR

  43. 43 Order Appraisal

  44. 44 Appraisals - Tale of Two Outcomes

  45. 45 Close of Escrow - Ready for the Day After, Before You Close

  46. 46 Move In Day

  47. 47 Before Construction - Finding Contractors, Handymen & Tradesmen

  48. 48 Rules for Renovation

  49. 49 Finish The Work before listing for rent

  50. 50 Get The Tenant

  51. 51 Qualify Tenants - The Golden Checklist

  52. 52 Screen the Tenant Part I

  53. 53 Screen the Tenant Part II

  54. 54 Sign the Lease - Part I

  55. 55 Sign the Lease - Part II

  56. 56 Sign the Lease - Part III

  57. 57 Sign the Lease - Part IV

  58. 58 Notice to Vacate

  59. 59 Collect Rent

  60. 60 Give them a 60 day notice

  61. 61 Tenant Move Out Day

  62. 62 Key Management

  63. 63 Schedule Cleaning Crew

  64. 64 Rinse & Repeat - Power of Systems

  65. 65 Hopscotch - Buying the Next One

  66. 66 Case Studies - Troubleshooting & Maintence

  67. 67 Conclusion

  68. 68 Ebook Download

    Objective: Download the FHA Hopscotch Ebook for your records.

Lessons in House Hopping:

  1. 1 House Hopping - Complete Picture

  2. 2 House Hopping - Pillar One - Servant Leader

  3. 3 House Hopping - Pillar Two - Renovator

  4. 4 House Hopping - Pillar Three - Financial Tactician

  5. 5 House Hopping Roadmap

About Matthew Cox

Matthew Cox was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. He graduated from The University of Arizona in 2010 with a Bachelors in Materials Science & Engineering and Management Information Systems. Since 2012 Matthew has been investing in real estate has planted his roots in Arizona. He is a proud husband and father that deeply enjoys the family life.

His mission is to reach and empower the middle class on how to build wealth so they can succeed in a competitive global economy trough real estate investing. He believes we are made in the image of God who designed us to live an abundant life. The middle class deserves better, his mission is devoted to their success.

What Our Members Have to Say:

“FHA Hopscotch is an ingenious method for purchasing homes and building personal wealth, and is far less risky than gambling your money on the stock market. Matt Lays out his steps in a simple and easy way to understand with unparalleled enthusiasm and a strong desire to watch you succeed.

My success path started in 2014 with the purchase of my first multi-family property. The property basically paid for itself while i lived rent free for several years affording my wife and I the ability to save up for a single family town home in 2016.

Late last year we sold both the multi-family property and the town home for a net gain and my wife and I are currently living our dream on a small piece of land outside of Phoenix with two horses and over $250,000 in the savings account. None of this would have been possible with the strategies Matt teaches in this book.

Matt really knows his stuff and had lived the ups and down of the real estate game. I am forever indebted to Matt for passing on his wealth of knowledge and his commitment to my success. ” ― Joseph Cox
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